“Your stories matter;
you deserve to tell them,
and the world longs to hear them.”
~Mary Rives

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Your Birth Stories

  • Every birthing experience is a sacred event, but few parents are able to write the story down once a new baby (or babies) arrives. This is where I step in. As a parent, I understand the sacredness of birth, and how important it is to record the experience before the details fade.
  • I make house calls and use Skype to record your birth story in whatever form is most comfortable for you. I also edit rough drafts of birth stories you’ve already written.
  • In addition to being a writer and counselor, I’m a certified birthing assistant and post-partum doula. I’m sensitive to the needs of your family and do my best to accommodate your schedule.
  • This service makes a wonderful gift for a person you love with a birth story to share.

Your Life Story

  • You have stories that you’d like to share, but between being busy or blocked, it feels too challenging to give voice to your experience. This is a universal frustration that can feel like abandoning the dream of recording and/or sharing your life stories.
  • If you want to finally share your stories, now you can. And you won’t be alone. I will support you in crafting and sharing your stories. You may be delightfully surprised at how deep you’ll find venture within and how readily your stories emerge.
  • Sometimes we need encouragement, guidance, and someone with the skills to elicit stories from us. I’m well prepared with myriad tools to help your words flow, whether written or spoken. If you aren’t up for writing, just do the talking and I’ll do the writing—in your words. I’ll also edit your written stories or ghostwrite for you. They’re your stories and they deserve to be told, heard, and preserved.
  • In the process, you have the opportunity to heal your relationship with yourself, your past, and your place in the world.

Your Elders’ Stories

  • Life is so busy, and meaningful stories can be lost forever. Do you regret not making the time to record the life stories of your beloved elder?
  • Your Elders’ Stories offers a custom-tailored service for elders to share their life stories in the context of a trusting relationship.
  • As a writer, social worker, and certified story facilitator and coach, I edit, write, co-write, and ghostwrite the life stories of your elder/s. We sit side by side as I deeply listen, then co-craft the stories into memoir, autobiography, and collections of short stories.
  • Because of you, your elders will experience profound fulfillment and you will enjoy a lasting sense of gratification for preserving their stories for generations to come.

“Mary Rives provided so much support and wise counsel. She helped me reach back, appreciate the nursing journey, identify life themes, and transform the old story. I want to express my deep appreciation to her. She created a precious space for me to awaken my voice and then coached me to share the final draft of my stories. She was masterful in facilitating the process of freeing up my voice. I highly recommend this experience with Mary no matter what story theme is being explored. I am enriched through the power of sharing this journey and saw once again how we heal in revealing our stories.” ~Alexanna Hope

“Mary worked wonderfully with my father. She has a gift of being able to re-direct with humor and compassion the challenging storms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. She was able to meet both of my parents where they were, and provided meaning and light to their life. Mary’s devoted care and skill deserves my wholehearted recommendation for her to work with your dear one along his or her journey with or without Alzheimer’s.”   ~Annie Ruge, CNM

“Mary is devoted to helping others free themselves from suffering and self-limiting behavior through storytelling, laughter therapy, and life story coaching. She approaches her work with authenticity that comes from the depths of her own life experiences which have been transformed into her compassionate nature and her commitment in service to others”. ~ Erica Elliott, MD



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