I hope that 2017 finds you basically healthy so far and that you have some hopes and goals for your health in the New Year. I know I sure do! Good health is such a continuum, not an event, and I’m so grateful for the resources that I have access to, some of which I offer others along the journey of maintaining and/or improving health. 
With the New Year comes resolutions, but I’ve resolved to relieve myself of such pressure and instead do an end-of-year reflection with my husband. We build a toasty fire and write and share side-by-side as we review what has gone well, what didn’t go so well, and what we learned that we want to bring forward into the New Year. (This year we wrote down what we’re letting go of and burned that in the fire.) Then we get down to the nitty gritty and set goals to accomplish in the coming year. When we’re ready, we have a little toast and conclude with our traditional New Year’s song

Now that we’re in the second week of 2017 with the holiday season complete, I’m enjoying the clarity of having set goals. My theme word for the year is Activation, so here I am activating objectives toward accomplishing my goals in the various pillars of my life with health being at the very center. (Still tweaking those goals in process.)
May you activate your intentions for what you envision for the New Year. Cheers to wishing you good health in 2017 to help make it a most excellent year.