On Sunday, I decided on a theme for this first week of summer: Good News!

Good news, good news, good news–sharing good news, soliciting others’ good news, celebrating good news, and topping off all the good news with some much needed good national and world news. We never know how far the ripple effect extends with our thoughts and intentions, and good news, like love, is what the world needs much more of now, so why not start with me–and you?

The burning question remains–what good news have YOU to share? Let’s celebrate good times and good news.  :=) Come on, share some good news with us. It can be as simple as the sink no longer drips and I had a good night’s sleep, to I recovered quickly from getting triggered and I became a millionaire this week! 🙂

My recent newsletter highlights much of my good “work” news and you can access it here: ~Happy Summer News~ 

Boys Telling SecretsOther Mary Good News–Not Another Book?!

I can hardly believe it, but the second book in which I share a different personal and powerful story comes out today! It is called “Successful Transformations” and it came about through my  “Gold Membership” in the  International Association of Professional Life Coaches.

IAPLC had our first broadcast “Google Hangout” today. It was a lot of fun as well as inspiring to hear from my co-authors and fellow life coaches. The YouTube recording is here and I think you may learn a lot just from watching it. The whole first third is tech talk and play as we learn how to use Google Hangouts. Of course, yours truly plays the role of the class clown!

If you want to learn about Google Hangouts and/or hear from this panel of co-authors of our brand new book, “Successful Transformations”, watch this fun video. (After the playful beginning with the silly hats and such, you can forward to my chapter description, which is at 28:51, but I highly recommend listening to my co-authors as well).

I’ll end with good news I’ve received from people who’ve already read and enjoyed my first co-authored book, Journey to Joy:

“I have been moved to tears while reading this book. The stories are beautiful and their messages of hope are rare treasures. Mary, your story touched my heart with loving warmth and with a new perspective on the death of our very dear loved ones. Thank you for sharing.”

A fellow Laughter Professional, Jeffrey Briar wrote, “I’m reading and very much enjoying your tribute to Woody in “Journey to Joy”. Your chapter (and Anne’s) have been highlights, so far. Congratulations!”

And regarding good news, please remember that…




I’d rather blow bubbles in celebration of what is new and good in your life, so please share some with us!





Thanks–and please pray for rain over our poor burning Southwest USA. When those prayers are answered, that will be good news indeed!



Thank you again and safe, happy summer to you filled with love, breakthroughs and good news for all!