Happy Earth Day, 2013!

On April 22 each year, we set aside a special day in honor of Earth. Many of us feel that every day is Earth Day providing us opportunities on a daily basis to extend love and care to our collective home and appreciate not only her beauty but her plight. Communities around the world gather on this day to educate and enlighten us about how we can make life on earth sustainable for us and for all the generations to come.

As a way to celebrate this awesome planet we inhabit, I am sharing this awe-inspiring video with you. This work of art captures the infinite beauty and strength of Mother Earth while presenting us with the powerful reminder of just how sensitive and delicate she is.

This brief and beautiful film also celebrates some of the heroes who have given their own lives to protect our sacred planet. While they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, may those of us who are still here continue to make positive differences in all the ways we care for ourselves, each other and our Mother Earth. May we keep our faith, even as we face increasing environmental challenges and the full range of emotions we often experience in response.

What helps you to keep the faith or restore your faith in humanity? To help the earth?

Enjoy and feel free to share the video: Love Your Mother



This blog post would not be complete without offering 50 ways to help the earth!