12039016_10156107053500184_8006053266583929558_oHow can a deeply feeling person such as myself (and so many others) not get caught up in the emotional roller coaster rides, the chemical swirls of toxic human behavior, and the daily destruction of our environment? And when we do spiral out, up or down, what helps to bring us back to our true place of home within, to the heart? While I don’t have the answers, I’ll share what’s been working for me. But first, a reflection…

In the midst of intense and unprecedented times not only in the USA’s election season but worldwide, it’s easy to witness the aforementioned madness as well as the extremism and divisiveness it causes. No one needs to be an emotional person to smell the fear and sense the hate in the air. In these last days before a new US president is elected, we aren’t seeing much of the “high road” so I will post Michelle Obama’s eloquent and epic speech here, in case you missed it or would like to see it again.

I think it’s accurate to say that what we are seeing play out in the political arena is the most ugly election we’ve ever experienced. That ugliness divides us, brings up negative thoughts and feelings; it can even infiltrate into our individual and collective morale and how we treat ourselves and one another. I could withdrawal into apathy or addictive behaviors to protect myself from feeling it all. Instead, I’ve decided that while the political drama at large is wrought with mean spiritedness, the buck can stop right here with me, right now. 

Below are some things that help me in these intense times. I share them in hopes that they will remind you to use your tools, reboot your spiritual practice or health promoting routines:

  • breathe deeper
  • laugh more
  • walk more
  • drink more water
  • let go of attachment to outcome
  • take inspired action to bring about needed change. 
  • mediate and/or pray 
  • check in with people you care about
  • take extra good care of your body
  • avoid alcohol and other sugars
  • eat healthy food
  • journal
  • begin a daily gratitude practice
  • be especially kind

And now, here’s what our First Lady has to say: