When it comes down to it, the #MeToo movement is all about stories. Painful stories, moving stories, brave as hell stories, stories that are creating personal and systemic change — as we individually and collectively bear witness to them.

It was my joy to participate meaningfully in the heart of the movement in a unique and powerful way. I was blessed to co-coordinate the National Me Too Monologues (MTM), consisting of a four-day writing workshop for women that culminated in intimate sharing and the witnessing of stories that emerged from this journey. The workshops happened in December in cities across the USA in response to women coming out with their stories of sexual assault. They took place in supportive, nurturing, and structured environments specifically designed for self-aware women in recovery from the patriarchal rape culture.

Along this transformational journey, I was honored to co-facilitate alongside Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus as we guided a group of courageous, soulful women to express their authentic voices and share their truths. People came out in droves to bear witness at Teatro Paraguas (Santa Fe, New Mexico) where the seats were sold out before the doors were even opened.

While the Me Too Monologues are over for now, the Me Too movement is more than a moment. Women will continue to rise and speak out. There is no going back this time. What is happening has been called a reckoning — and it’s just the beginning. Hear more about it on this NPR podcast, and know that your thoughts and voices are welcome in response.