Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day to you!

This infallible human remains as one of my lifelong heroes and sources of deep inspiration. While that is not unique, his wise words ring true on a soul level to me–and have ever since I was child and attended a memorial march in his honor on the gloomy day of his assassination.

I am giving thanks for the courage, intelligence, and devotion of this man and for every person he moved–and continues to move–into action. Were we, as a society, to have truly heeded his words as a nation and world, we would be in a much better place in the history of humanity by now.

That better place still is possible–and each day, each moment, presents an opportunity for us to stretch and grow in ways that serve the higher self and the good of the whole. It can be as simple as pausing to listen to what our deeper wisdom is trying to convey. Isn’t that sweet ocean of sanity always there for us to draw upon and dive into? Sometimes all it takes to shift to love is taking a few deep breaths or finding a loved one for a warm embrace. (To walk my talk, I just found my husband and gave him a big ol’ hug!)

I say let’s give way to our inner wisdom much more in 2018. Let us seek out people we deeply admire and respect and emulate them in how we live our lives. They don’t have to be charismatic, famous, or dead. Who do you highly respect in your life? What are qualities they have that you can practice yourself?

This Tweet from MLK’s daughter, Bernice, delivers the message I’m trying to convey:

“Today, we commemorate my father’s 89th birthday. Beyond sharing #MLK quotes, I pray that our global community, from educators to politicians to artists to law enforcement, will truly hear his voice, follow his teachings and demonstrate his love for humanity. #MLKDay #MLK50Forward”

Last but not least, let’s honor Dr. King’s daughter’s request that we remember her mother, Coretta Scott King:

“As you honor my father today, please remember and honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder of , which she founded two months after Daddy died. Without , there would be no